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Faxcimile Services in Gering, NE

Mail & Shipping Pros knows faxes

It’s true. Fax machines still exist. Residents of Gering, NE know we still have fax machine that is only $1 per page to send or receive. Ironically, some places still require any documents they receive to be faxed. Even in this day and age, a fax machine is a good thing to have access to.

We understand how valuable your time is, so we’ll make sure your fax is sent correctly. Every fax transmission comes with a confirmation report to demonstrate the fax was sent to the correct number and transmitted correctly. If you recieve a call from the person receiving the fax saying the fax output is missing or incorrect, we will refax the problem documents again at no charge.

Our Fax Services Also Includes

  • International Destinations
  • Fax sent to email
  • Professional cover sheet at no additional charge
  • Receive faxes (you can use our fax number
  • Printed Final Confimation

Whether you need a single fax page or 500 fax pages Mail & Shipping Pros is the place to go for faxing in Gering, NE.

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