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Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) 

A new way to martket and advertise

Mail & Shipping Pros is your one-stop business services center in Gering, NE. EDDM is a reletively new serive from the United States Postal Service and you can do it by yourself but why bother when you can work with someone who understands the way the USPS works and can make your project faster, less confusing, more cost effecive and just  generally easier. EDDM allows you to use direct mail pieces far more affordably than in the past and you don't have to be concerned about following the Post Office rules, apply for a permit to mail, stand in line or know anything about the postal rules and regulations. You can even visit the store and we will be happy to explain how it works and how it my benefit your business.

Mail & Shipping Pros is your personal EDDM Professional

  • No need to have a mail list
  • Less expensive to mail than typical direct mail
  • Legal, letter, ledger
  • No need to purchase a permit
  • Two sizes of fliers available
  • Ideal for restaurants and retail stores
  • Free online demographic tool
  • 70% Less postage than typical "bulk" mail
  • Pain free process
  • Four sizes of post cards availabe
  • Online ordering & re-ordering


Have A Question About Using EDDM?

Call 308-633-5438 if you have any questions about the EDDM program and how we can help or for a free estimate. Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.

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